Blooming :|: 百花盛開

Taipei Artists Collective began from a simple idea: to create a space for artists to meet other artists. Throughout history artists of all stripes have mentored, inspired, and befriended each other. The group is growing and changing, but this idea is still the kernel. What is especially exciting about TAC is the opportunity to meet and work with artists from all over the world within Taiwan’s rich culture.



3 responses to “Blooming :|: 百花盛開

  1. Hi,
    I’m visiting from the U.S. and am trying to do a bit of work on the ‘semiotic landscape of Taipei’– would anyone be interested in/willing to guide me a bit re: graffiti art in Taipei or other linguistic displays in Taipei?

    If yes, please email at mlocurtinATgmail …..


  2. Hi there,
    I am an artist who is currently living in China and I’m trying to find a place with a solid group of people to paint with next year. I was wondering if you coudl tell me a little bit about the art scene in Taipei and Kaohsiung.
    Also as an young international artist is it very difficult to break into the Taiwan art scene?

    Any information you could offer me would be greatly appreciated!

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