April 2011 – I-Chun Chen


Basset Hounds | Rings | Material: sterling silver, ruby, 24k gold foil

Thinking can be done from multiple perspectives. Take a pot of flower on a desk, for example. From the front, it is one view. From a different angle, it is another. This also applies to artistic thinking.  Multiple-perspective thinking reaches the core through different angles. Creativity plays an important role in any industry. Of course, art itself is even more important. In order to make a masterpiece, one must be culturally motivated and possess a panoramic view. In terms of techniques, one should gain knowledge from other professional fields and be sensitive about contemporary trends in order to create art with suitable spirit. I attempt to find the factors that bind culture and art to make my works more spiritual. Link to I-Chun’s site.

場 思維方法可以從多元的角度切入,有如桌上的一盆花,從正面看是一個景,從不同的角度看,也是不同的景色,藝術思考亦是,單向性思考只是直線的面,而多面性跳躍思考,卻能從不同的角度切入主體。創意力不管在各種產業來說是重要的角色。當然藝術工作更是重要,要做出好的作品ㄧ定要有好的文化素養,甚至視野要寬,在技術面以外,也要接觸其他領域的知識,和時代的敏感度,才能掌握合題的精神。 我在創作中試著找出文化與媒材的連結因素,讓作品更有精神。

Pebble Jewelry | Ring | Material: sterling silver, stone, ruby

About Me
I am an ordinary girl who loves to travel, daydream, and search for wonders in the world. I have a passion for jewelry design, and so choose it as my profession.

During the jewelry making process of sawing, soldering and inlaying, I feel excited and fulfilled. I feel frustrated sometimes, but the frustrating experiences often contribute to my research. I am a jewelry making fanatic. It’s nearly impossible to stop me when I get serious about something. I am slow in my daily life though. I like to think slowly, cook slowly, and travel slowly.

I was never a contented girl and did not like to limit myself to one specific area. I received artisan training in vocational high school, but majored in philosophy at university. Subsequently I spent more than 10 years  as a graphic designer. Now I dedicate myself to jewelry design. It might not be favored by people who love a settled lifestyle, but to me the very precariousness is what inspires and informs my works.

Regarding my basic art statement, I would like to infuse several hot issues, such as environmental & ecological issues, Asian culture, and women and children’s protection, etc. I don’t like my works to reflect an arrogant or solemn manner. I hope my works can be delightful, comforting, and meaningful.

Crane | Necklace | Material: Sterling silver, yellow sapphire, topaz, 24k gold foil

我是一個平凡的女生,喜歡美麗的事物ˋ旅行和發呆。我的興趣和職業是設計和做金工。在 鋸ˋ銲ˋ鑲嵌的過程中,我覺得很興奮也得到了成就感。當然也會有挫折的時候,但是往往挫折會變成研究的經驗。我是一個狂熱的人,所以當我認真的時候很難 叫我停止下來。但是在日常生活卻是個緩慢的傢伙,慢慢思考,慢慢煮飯,慢慢的旅行。在過去的背景裡,我是一個不安分的人。高中時候受的是 工匠式的美術教育,大學的時候卻主修哲學。有10年以上的平面設計的工作經驗,現在選擇的是珠寶金工。”變化”對一些喜歡安定的人來說不是好事,但對我來說卻是很棒的經驗。這些對創作上都是有影響的。

在基本的藝術立場 我希望能夠融合一些議題,例如:環境生態,亞洲文化,或是兒童和婦女的保護等,但我不喜歡作品呈現出來的感覺過於高傲或嚴肅。作品背後可以是耐人尋味的,但是我希望我的作品能讓佩帶的人心情感到 有趣和愉悅的。

Happy melody | Brooch | Material : Stering silver, sapphire-corundum, small tsavorite

Inspiration: Earth

Garden | Ring | Material: silver 925, poly-clay, crystal, amber, cotton thread °K


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