August 2011 – Adam Dupuis



I was raised on a farm in rural Canada. I never had much formal training but I had a very creative family and a passion for drawing. I eventually went to school for Print Media Studies which focused on the more technical side of creating. After completion, a lot of my work was more digital in nature but over time I was drawn back to a more tangible form of creating. My work has always served as a means of self-exploration. Some people keep a journal filled with words while mine are full of visual reminders and revelations. Throughout my youth I slowly created a world of characters that represent my inner narrative at a particular moment. It has only been the last ten years that I 
have focused on taking them further to completed works. My intention is for the viewer to forget the world around them for a brief moment and to allow the image to spark an inner dialogue in themselves. I am currently having an exhibit at the lobby of Hotel73, located on No. 73, Xinyi Rd, Sec. 2, Taipei. Until Sept. 30th, 2011 You can follow me on facebook at Adam Dupuis Art

目前我有一個畫展在Hotel 73新尚旅館的一樓,信義路二段73號,展期至9月30號2011年。
歡迎你加入我的臉書Adam Dupuis Art

Left Ajar Open

BenQ Digital Camera

The Twins


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