December 2010 – Nat Murray


I have been painting and drawing all my life and, like all artists, I have gone through many phases and processes of image making. I was very lucky to have a few artists in my family to look up to. The work of my late aunt Moira Dryer was always around and I count her work as one of my greatest inspirations. The work that I have been doing over the past 5 years was originally inspired by a mixture of Chinese and Western style landscape paintings, videogame topography, and from working with painted gourds.

When I was working in Northern Thailand, I used my weekends and holiday time to take motorcycle trips through the countryside there. I found people painting gourds blue. The gourds really reminded me of something from the Smurfs or some mystical treasure you might uncover in a video game. This revelation brought back memories of spending hours/days of my youth totally immersed in certain computer games. I read how in many old Chinese paintings, the object wasn’t to portray a reality, but to illustrate the spiritual journey of the artist. I never knew or know how any of my paintings will look in the end. For me it is seeing, exploring, mapping out, carving out features, pulling things out that I want to be noticed and blacking out/hiding undesirable images.

就像所有的藝術家一樣,在生活中我一直在繪畫(素描和油畫),我也試著嘗試不同的方式作畫. 非常的幸運在我的家族之中有不少讓我敬佩的藝術家,我深深的被他們所影響,其中一位是我的阿姨Moira Dryer,她的作品也是我靈感來源之一. 在過去這五年之中,我的作品靈感融合了中西方的山水畫,電動遊戲中的地形以及在葫蘆上作畫. 當我在泰國北邊工作時,利用周末假日的時間騎著摩托車到鄉間和山上,發現當地的人們把葫蘆畫成藍色的,使我回想起小時候看的卡通Smurfs或是打電動中 所發現的寶藏,彷彿回到了童年的時光. 我看過許多有關中國古老畫作的書,這些作品的目的並不是想表達真實世界而是反映出藝術家的心靈世界. 當我開始畫一幅畫的時候,我從未想過它最終會變成什麼樣子,對我而言它是看到,探索,映射,雕刻,呈現和隱藏的圖像.


3 responses to “December 2010 – Nat Murray

  1. Nat,

    I love these! Especially the ones that appear second and third. There’s so much to look at in each one, and I really like the overall colors and shapes and feel. I can see all the influences you talk about. Wish I could see the originals. Congratulations!!

  2. Great examples 🙂

  3. Hey Nat
    I just found this today. Love the gourd, and also the black background paintings – the shapes & colors are very reminiscent of Chinese paintings. It was so enlightening to read your comment – wish I’d seen this before.

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