July 2011 – Hsiang-Ying Chang


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About Me
Me is Ying! Hsiang-Ying Chang. Made in Taiwan and currently living in NYC. I do both illustration and graphic design. I love making things that would put a smile on people’s face because this world is so fun and interesting to me!


My career of being a designer began after I completed my BA in Visual Communication Design at National Taiwan University of Arts. After a few years working as a graphic designer, I jumped onto a flight to NYC to pursuit my dream. Last year I got my MS in Communication Design at Pratt Institute. During that period, I enjoyed doing graphic design, and I also realized that illustration has always been a big passion I have.


Restaurant Collateral: 255%

Background & Future
Growing up in an artistic family I have been told and felt that I can not draw since I was little. My father is an amazing artist, my mother also has a lot of knowledge of arts and my brother is a very gifted natural artist. Being surrounded by talented people like them has surely discouraged me, however, it has never extinguished the desire inside of me to make something fun & enjoyable. I am very much inspired by small details in life. On paper, it is my world, my rules and anything can happen. My work is a mirror of my eyes. I hope to show people how I see things via my works. With a huge callus on my finger, drawing makes me happy no matter what. I also understand the importance of interdisciplinary. I have been exploring packaging design, digital design, animation production, traditional painting and printing besides print design and illustration.

生長在一個藝術世家,從我很小開始,我就覺得自己不會畫圖。我父親是一位非常出色的藝術家,我的母親也同樣有很豐沛的藝術知識素養,而我哥哥他則是一個非常得天獨厚的天生的藝術家。被這麼多有才華的人包圍著,沒有被肯定這件事 ,但是它從來沒有澆熄我想創作有趣與快樂事物的慾望。我的靈感來自於所有小細節,在紙張上,這是我的世界,我的規矩,任何事情都有可能發生!我的作品是一面鏡子,我的眼睛︰我希望藉由我的作品讓人們見我的視野。即使手上長了一個大大的繭,畫圖始終使我快樂。我也理解綜合媒材的重要性,除了平面設計與插畫外,我同時也對包裝設計,數位設計,動畫製作,傳統繪畫與印刷稍有涉獵。

Mommy Says I can't Draw

This is How I Have Been

At this moment I am starting my own business. With this brand I hope to speak and say things through my visual works. So I called it “Yinglish” – Ying’s language, my language. Now I have my first collection released which is based on Asian stereotypes. I hope people can get some fun out of it and not take it too seriously. I used a lot of traditional Asian pattern in this collection, not only to refer to the Asian stereotype theme but also to contribute to my parents who have influenced me with their background of traditional Asian art.

目前我正在籌備發展自己的事業。我希望藉由這個品牌創作來闡述我的想法與概念,所以我把它叫做 “Yinglish” – Ying的語言,我的語言。第一個系列是以對亞洲人的成見所發展出的作品,我希望人們可以從中找到一些樂趣而不是把它看得太嚴肅。我運用了許多傳統亞洲圖案,不僅是要表現出亞洲刻板印象的主題,也是要獻給對我影響深刻的父母親 – 他們都有學國畫的背景。

A frequently asked question I get is if I had to choose whether I would prefer to do design or illustration. I really can not pick because I like both the same! My graphic design background strongly supports my illustration style and my illustration interest has added little sparkles in my graphic works. My goal for making art is to bring joy to people, and graphic design or illustration are just different media to reach it. So it does not matter anymore.

時常有人問我,如果要我選則我會想要做設計還是插畫。我想了想還真無法決定,因為兩個我一樣喜歡! 我的平面設計背景強烈影響我的插畫風格,而我對插畫的興趣則在我的設計作品中添加了小火花。我創作藝術的目標是要把歡樂帶給人們,而設計或者插畫,只是達到這個目的而使用的不同媒介罷了,所以無論是哪一個選項,都已經不重要了。

To check out more about Yinglish, please visit www.yinglish.net
更多作品與資訊請參考 www.yinglish.net


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