June 2011 – Aleksandra Tolnauer

Abstract Painter/抽象畫畫家
About My Works
As we all perceive the world in our own way, so do we perceive each work of art independently and form our own ideas about what that work presents. The object of my work is not the motif itself but the effect of the colors and form combined, which can be perceived in a multitude of ways, depending soly on the viewers own imagination. My goal is to inspire new thought and creativity in the viewer, letting him form his own vision through the colors, patterns and strokes in front of him. I like to think that my viewers and I create art together because we are both part of a story that wouldn’t exist without our collective imagination.

My greatest inspiration are the people around me and the energy that we share. Each painting is a reproduction of a specific moment in my life, an homage to events that occurred and a memory of the people that were by my side.


我最大的靈感是我周遭的人以及我們共同分享的能量。每張畫都是我生命中某個特定時刻的再現,是對一個事件表示敬意或是對那些曾在我身邊的人的回憶 。

About the Artist
I grew up in Zagreb, Croatia. Drawing and coloring were my two favorite childhood activities, so it is only natural that eventually I developed an interest in painting and art. After I graduated from the School of Fine Art and Design as a visual designer I became interested in graphic design as well as painting, hoping to successfully combine the two careers. But art and design are not my only passions in life. I also love traveling and adventure, so after living in one place for so long I decided it was time to explore the world. I traveled for a while, but my biggest challenge was coming to Taiwan and starting a new life in a place that is different from where I grew up. So far I have participated in various group exhibitions and art projects in Croatia and Taiwan and am currently working on a new series and preparing works for a new exhibition. Click on any image to visit my site.



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