March 2011 – Hilly Yeung


Display Objects to Die For: Paper 2005-2008

Objects to Die For, Paper. 2005-2008

One of the many great things to being an artist is that art making is an outlet that feeds the thoughts in our insatiable minds and turns them into something tangible. When I see an image in my head, it drives me to capture it in whatever form possible. For me I need to turn these obsessions into things that I can touch. Perhaps because I equally love art, craft, fashion and design, I find myself constantly playing them into my work. I see my work as a form of a sculptural diary that sometimes reads like a poem, sometimes like a news headline, other times like a witty joke. Some people see imaginary people. I see ordinary objects in imaginary situations.

As artists, we are always asked for the raison d’etre in our work. Mine is found in the everyday space and objects. Look at your shoes, your table, or a crack in the wall. The most mundane objects can be converted into something beautiful and thought provoking. You can see more of my work here:



"Weekend Table" PVC, wooden table, stainless steel, 2004

"Homeland Security Blanket" Newspaper, 2004

Left: "Love Me" polyurethane and synthetic hair, 2004; Right: "Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair" synthetic hair embroidery on shower drain, 1 of 7, 2002


2 responses to “March 2011 – Hilly Yeung

  1. beautiful work. Love the concepts, interpretations, sexual connotiations (table). More, more!

  2. Eric Desnoyers

    Wow! What a kinky table. Definitely one of a kind… Nice work, Hilly!

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