November 2010 – Sandy Chen

Playing with the Little Monsters Within
我與我心中的小怪物- 陳香匡

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. Somehow, I didn’t take it seriously enough to make it a career until 2 or 3 years ago, before graduating from UAL Camberwell College of Arts. After I came back to Taiwan from the UK I spent most of my time in an office cubicle. One day I suddenly woke up and realized I didn’t want to be there. I decided to take a chance, planning to be a non-stop illustration machine by holding exhibitions and participating in contests as much as possible, showing the world what I can offer and what I can be; and pushing my way out of my cubicle.



Drawing philosophy
The idea of painting makes me happy; the process is always full of challenges. I love to compose a story or a concept for a story. But when trying to find the most suitable way to present it, it turns into a bitter-sweet symphony.

I usually have a general idea first, then I’ll think about the characters, the world that they live in and about the kinda atmosphere I want to show. I have these (possibly overwhelming) thoughts running through my head and write them down, or doodle, on papers. The next step is to create. I don’t think too much during the process of creation. Just let my pens to the job, sometimes it comes out like a surprise (in a good way).

Occasionally, my works are about realities, things and feelings that there’s no way to escape from as a human. Gain and loss, happiness and sadness, goodness and evil, life and death. I don’t want to make it too serious, so I draw loads of unpleasant monsters instead. They represent parts of me, parts of the world, and parts of gibberish coming out of nowhere, just the way I like it.

通常創作一開始的時候我心中會有個粗略的概念,大概知道自己要畫什麼主題,會是什麼風格…等等。然後我會開始想像這樣個主題下,會是怎麼樣的一個地方,住著哪些人? 主角是誰? 他有什麼特別的地方? 喜歡吃什麼諸如此類的;阿小細節( 有時這些想法會多到無法處理,讓腦袋昏昏沉沉),接下來我會把這些想法將畫面在腦子裡面跑過一次,然後拿出素描本寫出來或直接亂畫一通。下一個步驟就是將他生產出來了,到了這個階段,我就不會想太多,因為在先前所設定的概念之下,我會讓我的潛意識拉著我的手拖著我的筆尖畫出該畫的東西。有時候結果出乎意料之外的好。



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